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07 July 2006 @ 11:54 am
I love payday! Especially when my bank account had somehow found itself smaller than normal lately... maybe it was all those Stargate purchases on ebay. But that was only 20 bucks total for 4 items. I need to get my check and go buy leather gloves at spartacus and a book at Powell's! oh, maybe that's where the money went....

Anyways, Jen has gone back to New Jersey now... :-( But Nathan and I are going to plan on visiting her there in a few months and seeing the east coast. That will be an awesome vacation.

Saw Pirates last night. Really long, but decent. I want to try and clean my room today for a bit, get a few more things out of way and do a quick vaccum of the open areas. All the cleaning I did before is starting to slowly get filled in with more crap. But first... I think I should find some pants and then breakfast.
I'm feeling...: determineddetermined