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20 September 2006 @ 02:42 pm
I need a haircut...  
Something interesting happened at work last night... Somebody from my women's studies class last year came through nutrition and recognized me. This was a person that I never really talked to and she remembered me and said hi and chatted with me. It always blows me away when a person remembers me. I never really think of myself as someone to remember... I don't know. Bob once said that he kind of remembered me from Evergreen, even though I never talked to him or even knew who he was then. It's even weirder when someone that I don't remember says they remember me because I have the craziest memory when it comes to those things. I remember people from school that I never talked to, some that I never even knew outside of a yearbook.... anyways, my point was that it's weird when people actually remember me. I guess I'm that much closer to being in an "I saw you" ad. :-P

In other news, the camping trip was great and Sonic is fucking awesome. I have a lot of pictures to post, as soon as I get the time. It ended a little rocky, with yelling and stuff, but things are fine now for the most part. Not so sure about certain people I call my friends though.... they should at least hold some sort of loyalty to me, but they never do. Whatever... At least I know I've got real friends out there somewhere (ie: Stacy and Keith) even though I don't see them as often anymore. Our schedules are so opposite, which sucks. blah, I'm running on a tangent again.

Today is Nathan's 23rd birthday. Happy birthday to Nathan! I was going to go and get his birthday present today, but he keeps going and buying everything I think. Seriously, you shouldn't run around buying a bunch of stuff for yourself during the time span of at least a week (two is better) before your birthday, and a week after your birthday when you've probably received everything from everyone. Lame, dude. My other option is to just wait a while, and if nobody gets him a new cell phone, then I'll take him to get one or somethng. So basically, I have nothing to give him on his birthday because I already know what his parents got him, which was one of my ideas, and he's already bought my other idea. As long as nobody robs me of taking him to dinner.... Anyways, I need to take a shower and maybe find something for Nathan.
I'm feeling...: okayokay