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28 November 2006 @ 02:09 am
I'm an idiot  
So Nathan and I went to Applebee's... before we went there he said he had left his wallet at home and I had said I didn't care and that I'd pay... so we eat and we get the check... that's when I realize that my debit card is in my other coat pocket in my house. I had to take Nathan's car and drive to my house to get it while Nathan waited for me at Applebees. Yeah I felt like an idiot. I gave our waitress a really good tip cause of the hassle.

My damn cell phone keeps getting duplicate text messages over and over. It's driving me nuts.... and the damn cable keeps freezing up. Satellite is way better. Why can't comcast just let me watch Futurama in peace and without weird interuptions?
I'm feeling...: blahblah