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27 December 2006 @ 04:22 pm
7-11 has Banana StrawbeWii flavored slurpees.... yum!  
So I have been playing a lot of Sim City on the SNES. It all started when Nathan downloaded it to their Wii and I started playing it... then I borrowed their old SNES copy to play at home. I haven't played video games this much since... ummm.... have I? I was never a game crazed person, really. I think I played a lot of Super Caeser's Palace for a while though... anyways, enough of my pseudo tangent. I love Sim City. I couldn't get my cities to stay saved though, but once I left the console on for several hours (aka all night as I slept) it saved them. I started this city on map number 666, and called it Teufel (which is Devil in German) but that's not my point, I just thought that was clever... I used my game genie to start with $60,000 so I got a really great start, but I did eventually run out of money so I took a loan from the bank for another 10k. Once that ran out I just left it on and went to sleep. I woke up and it was 2044, I had 50k, my population and dropped very dramatically and there had been two or three plane crashes. It was crazy, but I made the repairs and rebuilt and within 20 minutes I had a population of 70 or 80,000. I was a few minutes late to work cause I was playing. I made Metropolis (100k pop.) last night and ran out of money again so I left the game on while Nathan and I hung out with Zach and got him really fucking drunk (he puked more than Alex on his 21st birthday). I came home to find my city in rubble due to at least 5 or more plane crashes. Very depressing... but it had saved an earlier year so I opened that one, not in ruins, and started from there. I am now completely out of money and can't seem to make any more and raising taxes makes people leave and I don't have adequate funding to anything so my roads are disappearing.... :-( I think it's time to start a new city. I want to make one Vegas style with a strip of casinos.

For those that are still reading, I salute you. In other news, Nathan and I have been having a debate on Cake and when what was released and what came first.... I just checked my facts and found out that I was right. He said that Prolonging the Magic was their first album, and I said that wasn't possible because it has "Never There" and "Sheep go to Heaven" on it, and those came out after "The Distance" and their cover of "I will Survive," which are on Fashion Nugget..... Anyways, Motorcade of Generosity is their first, followed by Fashion Nugget, then Prolonging the Magic... followed by Comfort Eagle and Pressure Chief. Anyways, I was right this time... Nathan will proabably be right on our next debate. I don't pretend to be a Cake expert, cause I never actually owned any of their albums (pennyless me in jr high and high school) until I got them from Nathan, but I knew when I had heard their songs on NRK and I used to watch a lot of MTV2 and all those other music video channels on satellite... I think it's funny how Nathan was so sure, even though he hasn't been listening to them as long as I have. He didn't get big into music until high school or something, but I was all over it in jr high. I swear I am not trying to rub it in! well... only a teensy bit. But only because Nathan is usually right about the music trivia, so it feels good to have a one up every now and then.

I guess I should go take a shower now and do some laundry now... then back to Sim City!
I'm feeling...: geekygeeky
I'm rocking out to...: Cake - The Distance
anaverinanaverin on December 28th, 2006 01:17 am (UTC)
come over im going insane!

-thank you
mescalitodreamsmescalitodreams on December 28th, 2006 02:38 am (UTC)
Whats funny about this is..
Me and Brianna just got a Nintendo DS and she has been cracking out on "The Urbz" And "Sims Pets" While technically not Sim City, it did turn a non-video gaming girlfriend into a nerd. So now I can hold my head up high not feeling like a taint rocking out to "Freebird" on Guitar Hero.