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12 February 2007 @ 09:02 am
I hate it when people delete their journals... especially for stupid reasons  
I woke up shortly before 7:30 to a beeping phone and a message from Nathan saying he'd deleted his LJ. Stupid and pointless, it solves nothing. I told him not to and that it made no sense, especially since Stu doesn't even read his journal. I should start making all my entries friends only so he can't read them and then maybe he'll undelete it so he can.... oh wait, that won't work because he never reads my journal anyway. But I think I will do that anyways, at least for a bit. Nathan said he would be mad at me if I ever made a post that he couldn't read but everyone else could... even though he did that to me before but that isn't the point.... wouldn't him deleting his journal and me posting friends only be doing the same, since he wouldn't be able to read it, but everyone on my friend's list would? Will he get mad at me for posting friends only or will he care/notice at all?

Seriously though, why delete your journal??? All it does is delete all of your memories. If you really want to delete your memories, get someone to bash you in the head a few times and knock them all out.

I have a headache and I really want to go back to sleep but I don't think I can...
I'm feeling...: annoyedannoyed
pixiepancake on February 13th, 2007 11:43 pm (UTC)
nice hat.

i end up deleting my journals because there's no way to make the WHOLE THING either Private or Friends-Only. other than editing EVERY FRIGGIN POST

and i've had people pry into my life a lot in the past.
maybe that's why?