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02 July 2007 @ 02:03 am
More new userpics... I didn't make these ones though.

So, Nathan and I got our kitten! She is so adorable! I have pictures on my phone and camera that I need to upload and then I will post them, I promise. Things have been rocky between me and Nathan, obviously, but we're trying. We actually had a really good day yesterday... we went to Saturday Market and perused, then to Uwajimayas to buy some rad shit, then my house so I could shower and he could watch an episode of Big Love, then Barnes and Noble where I bought an Office Space kit (which kicks serious ass, btw... pictures I promise!) and then hanging out with everybody at Nathan's. Candy came by and brought her boyfriend Matt, Alex came by with Michael to buy shrooms from Candy, we all smoked and played with kitty... then they all left. Not long after, Josh Ahrens came over! We hadn't seen him in forever, it was awesome. Aaaaaand... not much else. My instant miso I bought was kinda nasty, but all my candy is yummy. I also bought these neato mini mug-sized cup o noodle things that have floaty panda faces in them... too cute. I'm such a sucker for cute products. Oh, I forgot, we also went to Sonic, since we were already in the area.

So... yeah... exciting. I was gonna watch a movie with my time at home tonight, but then I got online and wasted several hours doing mostly nothing. Myspace upped their top friends numbers to 40, so I rearranged and added people to my top friends for a bit... I really need to watch the movies I have soon so I can send them back and get new ones.
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