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01 October 2007 @ 01:50 am
I wish it wasn't so hard to sleep here at night! My brain is trained to think it's daytime right now so it just won't sleep. I'm getting too close to completion of my last book I brought so I need to hold off and save some of that for the plane... though I'm lucky that so far tonight my mom hasn't snored, but just you wait... As soon as I lay down and really try to sleep, that's when it will start. Last night, my secret maneuver was to cough loudly so she would sort of be partially woken up and stop for 5 minutes. Next time I do a trip like this, I am bringing ear plugs. Honestly, I didn't even think I would need any but now I know better.

I am really looking forward to coming home. At first I thought, wow the trip is only 10 days, not long enough... but 10 days is definately enough. I wanted to come home a couple days ago even. I want to go hang out with everybody and speak english with more people than my mom... I haven't talked much on this trip. One more day until we leave. We're driving to Frankfurt early tomorrow afternoon and checking our bags in at the airport in advance, then staying with Segrid for the night. I hope I can sleep on the plane because we get back at about 11:30 am on Tuesday and I don't want to end up needing to sleep all day. I need energy for things, ya know? 

I'm bored but I don't think I can sleep yet... it's 2 am here and I seem to have exhausted all of my options online...
I'm feeling...: anxiousanxious
Nathannatetheoriginal on October 1st, 2007 07:55 pm (UTC)
so what are your plans for your last day in germany???