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24 February 2008 @ 06:53 pm
Oh sweet internet, how I have missed you. I am sorry for neglecting you. I will try harder.

I'm gross, I need to shower. I had planned on showering hours ago, but I just sit here and waste away watching Top Model. I'm hungry too. I need sustenance and clean skin! I also need to list my damn car on Craigslist and take it through a car wash. God I'm lazy. But I did resize a bunch more pics from my NJ trip. I got all my New York ones up now (myspace). Aaaaand that's really it. Oh wait! Not true! Candy called me today! I haven't talked to her in a while now... she's gonna be in town soon which is awesome. Must tell Nathan. Saw Jumper last night, I liked it, but it seemed like it was missing something... I brought home some donettes from work, and within 5 minutes of my cat coming to say hi to me, he was rubbing all over the bag. He knew... it's so crazy how much he loves those things! You cannot leave them sitting around anywhere or he will rip open the package to eat them all (or rather eat a few bites off of them all).

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