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12 March 2008 @ 09:17 pm
I just went back 390 entries on my friends page.... in record time, btw.

I am so sick of working mornings!! They decided to go with Shannon as the new manager. This is good. But she doesn't start for two weeks!!BFSbfds;bagua;b !!!! Whatever, I'm taking 4 days off in a week and a half while my relatives are here from Germany. That also happens to be anniversary time and I might want to take a day off for that too... Does Shannon know how to write schedules? I hope so... I don't want to rely on Matt for the schedule writing.

I have done a lot of cleaning so far in my room and made good progress. One more major pile to tackle and the biggest job is done. I feel really good about this. I need to keep it clean after I am done and start going through everything and maybe boxing some stuff up and throwing stuff away in preparation of finally moving out.

I don't think I'm going to open mic tonight again. I want to go, but I work tomorrow at 5 am. I want to be in bed around 11, and if I go I might have to leave before they are done playing. Next week I can go for sure because i won't have to work until 7 most likely the next day. Working mornings is a lonely life... I haven't seen much of my friends lately. I also feel more lazy, even though I'm getting stuff done. I'm hoping I can powerhouse it again tomorrow like I did yesterday. I kept my energy level up until about the time Chris showed up, then I just felt loopy and cloudy.

I loaned my button maker to Ryan, and he has made some pretty awesome buttons with it... it makes me sad that I am still too lazy to really get going with that. Maybe if I had a more efficient way to design the button graphics...

Ok, random thoughts coming to an end so I can focus on Ghosthunters and finding food.
I'm feeling...: lethargiclethargic
Nathannatetheoriginal on March 13th, 2008 11:06 am (UTC)