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14 March 2008 @ 07:29 pm
Finally off work for the weekend... Saturday and Sunday free, Monday thru Friday enslaved again. I can't wait until Shannon takes over, because then I will go back to my regular schedule and only open two days a week. My schedule next week sucks. For some reason I am scheduled for 43 hours, even though I know they only meant to give me 40. And no more "hey let's be nice to heather because we know she hates mornings and give her some days at 7 am instead of 6 just to ease things up for her..." Fuckers. I'm just tired... I need a break and it is hopefull only another week away, because I'm requesting days off while my relatives are here from Germany. *crosses fingers*

Anyways, I gotta head down to Stacy's now.
I'm feeling...: crankycranky