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26 March 2008 @ 04:06 pm
I think Nathan and I were finally able to work things out last night. So here's to hoping that we are on the right track again. Though honestly, I'm never that hopefull anymore, especially now when it has swung me head on into a slight depression over it all. So I'll be sad for a while and we'll see what happens.

So I have been spending lots of time with my German relatives Monika and Hanz and their daughter Carolla and her boyfriend Michaeln (or Michy). They were supposed to be here until tomorrow night, but they called the airlines to check on their returning flight and found out it was cancelled. Gay. So they were able to get on another flight, but it leave tomorrow morning at 6 am so they pretty much lose a day on their trip and a day seeing everbody. Who knows the next time we will all see them! I met them all when I was 16, didn't get to see them again until this last September/October, they are visiting now, but I won't see them again until my mom decides to take me back to Germany. So I'm thinking maybe 4 years at the earliest. It's been fun though. We're going to my Aunt's house tonight for dinner to say goodbye.

Tonight will be my return to open mic night!