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02 April 2008 @ 04:52 pm
I'm a nerd  
LiveJournal and Myspace are a little boring when nobody's doing anything on there... I have to work at 6 tomorrow morning and go to open mic night tonight. I wonder if I could just go in at 7...? I don't think Shannon would mind, and from my experience in the last month, nobody else would either. We'll see. It would certainly make this easier.

In other news, I started editing the pics from Germany. The first installment is in my LJ scrapbook for anyone interested. And now for you reading pleasure, a short paper I wrote in junior high or maybe even sophomore year that I found while cleaning my room. It amused me... we were supposed to write about our utopian high school and this is what I came up with.

"A Day at James Bond High"

As I finish my hair, a sweet black '81 Camaro pulls into my driveway. The horn is sounded when the chauffer pulls to a stop. I rush out the front door with delight.

On the scenic drive to school, I decide that I want a smoothie, so Bob, my chauffer, makes a quick detour and speeds down the road. I feel the rumbling of the engine as it races through the car and down the empty highway.

At school, my golf cart awaits me. I maneuver it to the courtyard where I meet up with my friends. We sit and talk for a few minutes before going to our first class of the day, critique style, in room 007.

At 8:00, the bell rings and we start the day by listening to the new Creed cd and combining our thoughts on the board. We then listen to a local band's demo tape and write them letters telling them about their stronger and weaker points and how they could improve. After that we form groups and talk for the remainder of the period about movies, books, the latest fad.... whatever.

Then the bell rings and we must leave room 007. I hop in my golf cart and drive to the fast food hall and stop at Burger King for a quick snack. Stacy and Tiffany decide on Taco Bell and Amanda chooses Wendy's because of their spicy chicken sandwhich.

I'm really psyched because we're going to elect a new principal in second period. It'll take time away from playing video games, but it's pretty important. We want to choose a principal that'll be nice and fair. When the ballots are passed out, I stare at the names for a moment before deciding on William Belmont. The teacher collects our ballots and takes out the game box. I get first pick and choose Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. I'm successful enough in the game that I land a 900 and the teacher awards me with a small bag of candy. The bell sounds and everyone goes to find their friends in our half hour of free time.

Music class is next on the agenda. Our teacher, Canadian punk singer Bif Naked, surprises us with a special guest, Travis Meeks, lead singer for Days of the New. Travis is the fourth guest this month. Last week it was Art Alexakis from Everclear, and the two weeks before that, Silverchair came. Bif and Travis sing a duet before teaching us a few chords on the guitar. At the end of class, Travis signs autographs and talks to us about his stardom. Unfortunately, he is cut short due to the bell, signaling the end of class and the end of school.

I then go to the attendance office to pick up my free cd for being in school every day this month. There are only twenty others in line this time because of that bug that's been going around. This month, my cd choice is Blink 182's Enema of the State. As I walk back to my golf cart, a strange buzzing noise blasts over the intercom piercing my ears. It's continuous flow follows me to the parking lot where Bob is holding the door of the Camaro open for me. As we drive down the road, I hear a sudden banging and I jump up, realizing that I was in bed. It was all a dream. I look at my tv, which had been on all night, and see that the James Bond marathon was just now ending.
I'm feeling...: amusedamused
Jacygojacy on April 4th, 2008 09:35 am (UTC)
that was quite excellent. bravo!!!