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12 April 2008 @ 12:13 am
God I need to go to bed!  
Aside from Driver's Ed, who really taught you how to drive?
Mostly my dad

What's the one thing you love/miss about your Grandma's cooking?
Potato salad! Everyone in the family uses her recipe and it is the best ever

If you had money to burn, what 3 charities would you donate to?
I like Jacy's anwser! Except it would be the heather fund. :-) I would probably give to some animal fund maybe to save endangered species, maybe one providing kids with musical instruments and classes... and it isn't really a fund but I would get my dad a sweet corvette and pay off his house for him because he really deserves something awesome like that

What was the last high school/college project you did?
Probably the painting on the wall in the hallway for high school... college I think was making a mini zine for women's studies

As a kid, who was the first -famous death- you remember hearing about?
Kurt Cobain, naturally, they played Nirvana Unplugged almost every day it seemed

What kind of music did your parent's listen to while you were growing up?
my dad always had KISN on in the car, and my mom listened to shit like Q105 that played crap like Mariah Carey and Amy Grant (yuck). I prefer oldies!

Name 2 historic events that have happened in your lifetime:
Umm Kurt Cobain's death? And I guess 9/11

Who taught you to tie your shoes?
Mostly myself. No one taught me a poem or song to learn, I just watched someone do it once and said "hey I can that!" and I practiced until I got it, which wasn't long

Where did you go on your first official date?
When was my first official date? I went on a date with Caleb but Sara was there too cause I had to keep the guise of just going to a movie with friends. That was 9th grade. I can't even remember when my first alone-date was... most likely a movie

When you cruised the strip... who were you usually with?
the strip... clubs? I did see Vegas once very briefly with my dad and brother

Who was like your second Mom or second Dad?
technically my second dad would be my step-dad, but I've always thought of him as my step-dad

Who is your Strangest Relative and why?
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Oma and Opa hands down.

What's your typical ice cream order at Dairy Queen?
cookie dough blizzard happens more than most, but the banana cream pie one is super yummy

Animal House or Caddyshack?
I know I've seen Animal House or most of it, but I'm not as familiar with it. I know Caddyshack better... but what about Meatballs?

Dorito's or Frito Lays?
doritos, no contest. I hate fritos.

Straight-Man or Comic Relief?
Fuck straight men... literally! hahahahah now that's comic relief!

Survivor Man or Man vs Wild?
these questions make no sense... i guess man vs. wild? Like a fight with a grizzly bear! Fuck yeah, bitches!

Casablanca or An Affair To Remember?
I haven seen either :-(

Princess Grace or Princess Diana?
Grace I think

Books, Movies or TV?
yes please

Marilyn Monroe or Anna Nicole Smith?
why would you even bother asking this? Who the hell would choose Anna Nicole?!

Playboy or Hustler?
yes please hehe :-P probably playboy

Disneyland, Disneyworld, or Universal Studios?
Yes please!! Your treat? I have not been to Disneyworld, but would love to go

Halloween or Christmas?
My love of costumes or my love of getting presents... Halloween is more fun. Can we just give presents for Halloween?

Leading or Following?
I guess I'm more of a leader, but it really depends on who is involved. I can take action and I will if I don't think anyone else can do it, but I know when to let someone else do it when they would be the better choice

Planes or Trains
Trains are cooler, but planes are faster....

Yesterday or Tomorrow?


Thing to do when you're sitting home alone and the power goes out?
Sit around quietly in the candlelight?

Snack/Junk Food?
yes please! Kit kats

Pet name for your significant other?
Ummm, Nathan. Hun? i don't really call him by pet names

Nickname for your best friend?
Tracy and Keith (pronounced Kithe or however you would type that out... a long i)

Revenge tactic?
Silently hating and hoping they perish?

Song to sing in the shower?
I don't have time for that... fave cd to sing with is Save Ferris though. As far as shower music goes I've always liked Silverchair "Neon Ballroom"

Bill that you have to pay?
this is a fucked up question... my favorite bill? The cheap one I guess...

Cuss word?
fuck, bitches, shit

Era to read about or watch a movie in?
Ancient Rome is always appealing

Shakespeare? Robert Frost... don't really know

Villain in a movie?
Can't choose... but I do love zombies

Topic to gab with your family about?
I do not "gab" with me family, sorry

And Finally...

If you could be invisible for one day, what would you do?
lockerroom full of hot men! hehe And i would totally pinch their butts randomly just to cause havoc

If you could know everything that one person was thinking, who would it be?
That would be a bad power cause sometime you just don't want to know... right now I might say Chris

If you could have coffee with 3 people, living or dead, who would they be?
Robbie Williams!! Anne Rice and Jason Lee
I'm feeling...: contemplativecontemplative
Jacygojacy on April 12th, 2008 07:27 am (UTC)
OMG!!!!!!!!!! PRESENTS ON HALLOWEEN! you're brilliant!
(Deleted comment)
Heather Joneszerocoolphreak on May 15th, 2008 05:57 pm (UTC)
German actually. I have loads of family over there.