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16 April 2008 @ 12:38 pm
So Nathan and I had a talk last night... I cried a lot. I don't really know where we're heading, but I told him about some of my issues. I honestly don't know what conclusion we came to, but he knows I haven't been doing so great and he knows that it's more serious than he thought. I'm not even so sure what it is I need to see from him, but I know that I'm not that happy. I'm comfortable, but that is no reason to stay with someone. I do love him, but love isn't always good enough to get past the problems. We might be taking a break, but... I don't know. I cried so much last night...
I'm feeling...: crappycrappy
Christy Smedberghey_jude_04 on April 17th, 2008 11:43 am (UTC)
Heather, you guys have had a lot of ups and downs but I'm starting to wonder. Your sounding like you might be developing Depression. If your really upset and you don't know why, that's the frist classic sign that your depressed. So, this might be more then just you and Nathan. I'd consult a professional to find out for sure tho.
thenextaudrey on April 18th, 2008 03:16 am (UTC)
how much do i love your new icon?!!?!?

that was classic!

what a night, what a story....so much awesomeness for one little photo booth!

Heather Joneszerocoolphreak on April 18th, 2008 04:25 am (UTC)
I knew last night that it would be an awesome icon... and it is! We should do that again! Maybe on a girls day and see if we can get all of us crammed into one.