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15 August 2008 @ 07:55 pm
I realize that I mostly just read rather than post here anymore... But I always think about things I could be posting. I really should use the textLJ feature more often... or set up voice posts! Jen is in town and that's super awesome. Her and Alex were flirting hardcore on Wednesday. And within 15 minutes of each other, they both leaned over and told me "I don't remember him/her being so hot before..." It was pretty amusing. Tonight it looks like we are all going to see Nathan's old drummer in his new band. Free punk show, how could I pass that up? I got paid too so I could even buy booze. I have tried really hard not to leave the house today and avoid the sweltering heat. Soon I will have to venture upstairs and take a shower... at least I can take a cold shower though. That should counteract the extreme heat. Must blow-dry hair downstairs! Mom is making noodles nom nom nom.