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02 September 2008 @ 08:07 pm
I love how I pretty much waste my days off doing practically nothing all the time... it might be easier if I had more than one at a time. I've been having split days off for a week and a half at least, I'm ready for a better break. Today I did put my laundry in the wash (still need to put it in the dryer though...). I also baked an experimental cake. I used a vanilla cake mix, used coconut milk in place of water and added coconut flour. Then I made a whipped topping with vanilla and coconut flavoring to frost it with. Haven't tried it yet, but man did it smell awesome when it was baking! Suddenly I want to buy strawberries to eat with it... I should probably go ahead an jump in the shower then cut up the cake and head over to Nathan's soon... Maybe we can watch Sailor Moon! :-P