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22 September 2008 @ 08:36 pm
A whole lot of Bawls....  
Wow, this weekend was f-ing crazy. Friday night after work I went to a party at Derick's. I showed up without Nathan and everybody was surprised. Like seriously? Can't I go somewhere without Nathan? We are not attached at the hip... Anyways, Nathan showed up eventually. This was a pretty awesome party. Josh, Kevin, Bobby, Tyler and Jeremy, plus Derick and Donut cause they live there and then a couple other people. I was the only chick there!! This meant that I was getting hit on by at least 2 people - Derick's brother and some dude named Jesse. I had a lot of fun Friday night... kept it going until 8 in the morning! Well, everyone had left at 5 or so, Nathan was passed out, so it was just me chillin' with Donut for a while. He introduced me to digital drugs, which is sound frequencies that are supposed to do crazy things for you... I was surprisingly alert and energetic after listening to some of it. Notable moment of the night? Tyler singing Happy Birthday to Nathan sexy style while giving himing somewhat of a lapdance.

Saturday as we all know was Nathan's birthday. We slept late, naturally. After getting out of the house, we ventured out to Ikea and the Rogue house where Nathan got a ginormous free beer and a t-shirt. I also got lucky and snagged the best parking spot ever... Ate dinner at Todai and then went and saw the Toadies at the Hawthorne Theatre. OMFG they were amazing! One of my top 10 shows I have ever been to. I got a very blurry picture taken with Todd Lewis. After this we partied some more over at Nathan's with Derick, Donut, Kris, Jacy, Jeremy and Tamara. Kevin showed up with a bunch of people and it got really intense, so me and Derick and Donut went to Kris and Jacy's to see the apt and the kitty and smoke. This was another night staying up super late. 7am I think?

Sunday was spent mostly at Ikea with Nathan. Bought some cool stuff and had lunch. Somehow it turned into 3 hours... Saw Hell Ride at Clinton St Theatre with Derick and Donut. It was pretty good, but short. Then we hit up Voodoo Doughnuts and Kelly's Olympian and met this rad chick named Sierra who had a cat with her in the bar. Derick got her number because he has awesome mojo. Then we all watched Beavis and Butthead.

Today I finally got to Music Millenium only to find that they don't have the new Vincent Black Shadow cd. :-( Gonna have to get it online. But I did buy a cd of The Saturday Knights, an underground hip hop group that is actually pretty good. And now it looks like we will be watching Hackers over at Derick's.

Talk about a jam-packed weekend.... Gotta go back to work tomorrow at 5 am! :-/
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