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01 October 2008 @ 03:32 pm
Stolen from Jacy on myspace  
You've had sex within the past 2 weeks, haven't you?
oh wow... I don't think I have... this is horrible!!!

Is there someone you really can't stop thinking about?

What makes you laugh?
a lot

What are you doing tomorrow?

Last person you hugged?

Did you ever think someone didn't like you, but come to find out they really did?

Do you regret doing something last night?

Do you have someone who you can be your complete self around?
Yeah, pretty much everyone, but moreso Nathan I guess

When you think about your last kiss, what does it remind you of?
tacos? haha

Who was the last person to call you?
Alex... like 3 days ago...

Whats irritating you right now?
The fact that I have to go to work in 40 minutes

Have you ever hugged/kissed anyone with a name that starts with A or Z?
Indeed I have... to both letters

When was the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face?
haha seriously? Do you know who you're asking? I'm always talking about punching people in the face.

Where's the person you miss most?
I don't know who I miss most... old friends I guess. I miss Jen being around, and I miss seeing my dad more... and lately I've actually been thinking that I miss Jared. I haven't seen him in 4 or 5 years. I kinda want to hang out and be his friend again.

Where's the person you first fell in love with/thought you fell in love with?
I think Jared has taken to hopping trains, but last I checked he still sets roots in Portland when he isn't doing that.

Whose car were you last in?
My own, but Nathan's before that.

Looking back, did you ever waste too much time on a certain boy or girl?

Is there a difference between love and in love?
Of course

Have you ever hated someone, but ended up being friends with them?
hmmm.... not really friends, but I would say that people I hated once became aquaintances later on.

How many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust?
Most of my friends are of the opposite sex. But the ones I really really trust.... 5 I think

What were you wearing during your last kiss?
Probably the same thing I am wearing now...?

Where were you at 9pm Friday night?
I might have been at work? too far back to remember

Are you waiting for something?
Not really, just killing time.

What was the worst mistake of your life?
Something that was a mistake for certain reasons and people who got hurt, but take that part out of it and it wasn't so much of a mistake.

When's the last time you did something you knew was wrong?
Wrong by whose standards? Breaking the law? Last night then. Morally wrong? Not recently... not since around my birthday.

Do you hate being alone?
Sort of

Is there a guy that knows everything or mostly everything about you?

Are you enemies with a former friend?
In a way

Did anyone see you kiss the last person you kissed?
Most likely

Do you find the opposite sex confusing?
Well of course

How often do you hold back from saying what you are thinking?
Not usually. People seem to enjoy my sexually explicit commentary.

Have you ever kissed someone who's name starts with a D?
Indeed I have... more than 1

Who was the last person to make you smile?
People on tv?

What are you thinking right now?
I need to get ready for work... oh man I don't want to go to work....

What time did you go to sleep last night?
I didn't look at the clock, sometime between 3 and 4

Are you excited for the future?
I don't know what the future has in store for me, but sure why not

One thing you did today?
Made myself food and watched tv cuddling up with two kitties

Are you excited for winter?
Early stages maybe, ending stages sure, middle of winter cold as fuck? No. But I would like to go play in the snow at least once.