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11 October 2008 @ 04:49 pm
NO MOTIVATION!!!!! I need to go and buy a birthday present for Damien... I want to go to Everyday Music and look for the Genitorturers... I need to swing by the mall and buy a Jolt for tonight... I need to do laundry still. But I just sit here on my laptop looking at random shit, then refreshing my friends page to see if something new has happened. Get up Heather. Get dressed Heather. Call Alex or Nathan Heather. Alex will probably accompany you to EM or wherever else. Nathan might still be at band practice, since I haven't heard from him yet... oh and I also need to go to Ulta to take advantage of a sale on eyeliners in many splendid colors.

Get me out of the house!

ps - Why is it that the wall charger for my phone doesn't like to work and when it does, it always says "unauthorized charger"??? It came with the damn phone! But my car charger works perfect every time...
I'm feeling...: lazylazy