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14 October 2008 @ 03:03 pm
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I hate the damn food manager at work. He really pisses me off sometimes! He pretty much does nothing all day except walk around telling people to do stuff and harrassing us about the holes in our dept. Newsflash - all of those holes are there because the fucking warehouse is out of everything! Today's freight was zeroed by over 80 pieces, and tomorrow's is being zeroed by 70 or so. So what the hell does he expect us to do? Make it all appear out of thin air? I don't think he ever says anything to Shannon when she's there... he just waits until she's gone and then comes and tells us to fix it. Shannon is the one writing the orders 5 days out of the week. Holly and I only do that maybe 2 days. If he wants something to change, he should tell Shannon. Holly and I are both so stressed out right now, it's insane.. she said that by the time she gets off work she wants to go home and cry, but I end up going home wanting to commit mass murder. Two sides of the spectrum have been achieved, thanks Matt. He is such a fucking douche. I think Holly gets it worse than I do... he really does just wait til Shannon or I leave and then preys on the weaker link.

How much longer until Heather snaps?
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Jen Bushsuperfrau on October 15th, 2008 10:36 pm (UTC)
You know, you deserve far better than that bullshit, Heather.

He sounds like an asshole and a bully. Figure out why he doesn't talk to Shannon about it, and do the same thing. If he doesn't say something to her about it, it's probably because he's afraid or intimidated by her for some reason.

But, seriously... I think you should try looking for another job before you do lose it on him. You're obviously unhappy there the way things are. Sorry, I'm just restating the obvious and I know you have your reasons for staying employed there. Just think about it, ok?