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16 October 2008 @ 05:21 pm
the doorbell is ringing!  
Tons of fun last night! I met Kim at Dantes to see Throwback Suburbia and Megan was there too. I got a little drunk and did lots of dancing with Megan and we tried to dance with Kim, but she was feeling shy. Over the course of the night, I think I saw Megans nipples like three times got grabbed at a bit... Megan was pretty drunk! I got to meet her new man Russ too. He seems like a cool dude... and I can tell from their dynamic that they fit pretty well. We went to the Roxy and Megan disappeared into the bathroom for a long time then emerged talking about how the toilet had a carburetor. Yes, there was an engine in the toilet! Waiter-dude-who's-name-I-do-not-know-but-should seemed amused by it! Giggles in the car were had before we parted ways. Megan wanted me to come to their clothing optional apartment, but I opted out. (haha get it!? :-P) I ended up chilling with Donut instead and watching softcore anime. xD

New userpic today because I have been watching lots of Cute With Chris. Here's an episode!

edit: why is this userpic not working?!?!?

edit2: ok so now it's working... wtf?
I'm hiding...: home
I'm feeling...: busybusy
thenextaudrey on October 18th, 2008 06:26 pm (UTC)
i did not remember flashing my nipples three times.
i asked russ.
he confirmed i did.

oops! :)

we had fun too.

we should hang out soon.

oh! i asked the boys and they're totally down to let you come play d&d. :)
time for some chic geekage!!!

woot woot!