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02 November 2008 @ 10:17 pm
Long post! Shenanigans  
Ok now I can talk about Eugene. Kim and I got a much later start than we had originally planned because we were both so tired from staying out late. I myself did not get home til almost 4 am. So when we finally rolled out of town, we stopped at Clackamas Town Center to complete Kim's gangster chick costume. She found a really great coat that was more than half off and looked hot on her, and then fishnets at Hot Topic... at this point, Jake was already annoyed that we hadn't really started our drive yet... The drive itself was super fun! Kim and I were just joking and talking all the way down. And of course when we arrived at Jake's house he tried to guilt trip me and Kim for being so late. psh whatever. So Jake shows us where we'll be needing to go when we go see his play later, then drops us back off at his house and heads out to get ready for the play. Kim and I bs a bit in the store a couple blocks away, then go to the play. We got a little lost trying to find the building. :-P The play was pretty good! Really short, only 45 minutes, but funny. It was an adaptation of another play that they turned into a sort of sketch comedy bit. Very enjoyable!

After the play is where things really started happening. We started drinking at Jake's place to save money at the bar... but Kim and I were drunk before we left the house! I had more drinks at the bar too, and got up and sang a song at karaoke, though I hardly remember the experience. :-P At one point Kim and I went to the bathroom and must have tripped over each other, cause we both toppled to the ground. My face still hurts! I almost broke my camera too! It was at that point that I started feeling like I might end up vomiting, so I just stayed in the bathroom until everyone wanted us to leave (only 10 minutes I'd say). I only made it as far as dropping off this girl who was with us, then I got out of the car and threw up. Everything else is fuzzy, including them helping me in the house and planting me on the couch with a blanket and pillow. I got super drunk and then passed out around midnight. haha. Everyone else went on to another bar then came back. The next day it was Kim's turn to throw up... 4 or 5 times on the side of the freeway. I was an hour late to work too. Bad Heather!

Needless to say, I didn't party too much on Halloween, but I did have fun. I partied last night though. Went out with Leslie from work to Chronuses downtown and had a couple drinks and sang a few songs. Everyone seemed really impressed by my singing! :-D Then we ventured over to Outabounds on Mill Plain and I met a bunch of new people, sang Volcano Girls and received praise for it, even though I totally fucked it up... why did I suddenly get nervous for that song? And my lungs were not happy with it either... They ran out time before they got to my next song, which would have been bitchin and blown everyone away. :-P I will have to go back again with Leslie and sing it another time!

After the bar, all these people invited us to an afterparty, which ended up being a few blocks from my house, oddly. That was a lot of fun. Good conversations, beer, lots of innuendos (mostly from me), but probably a bit too much smoking on my part. :-/ I got Derick to show up and that was cool. It helped me get Mr. Flirty (Brad) off my back. At least one of said too many cigarettes smoked was because he came and sat down a little too close for comfort, so I looked over at Derick and said "Hey, wanna smoke?" I think the guy's cool and all, and I would like to be friends with him, but I don't want anything else. I have someone for that already. ;-) Met a lot of cool people last night. I'm glad I went out. Plus, Leslie is pretty rad. I didn't get home til 6 am... then I slept all day. I wish I hadn't, since I have to get up early for work tomorrow. blarg. I shouldnt complain too much though, since I am leaving for Jersey at the end of the week.

I think I am all caught up with recent events now...
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