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09 November 2008 @ 09:59 pm
Man why am I so freaking tired? Oh yeah, THEY DON'T HAVE VISO OUT HERE! Omg, I could not believe it when they told me. Then they said that there is/was a ban on Jolt out here... I could never live this far east, I know this. All I would have to console myself at the loss of Viso and Jolt would be Leinenkugel's... but then I would be drunk all the time. I bought a case of it to bring home to let a few people try... the rest is all mine, bitches.

I hope we eventually find Viso on the drive home....

Today was cool. We had a slow start, while Jen made breakfast and everyone showered. We also squeezed in a couple episodes of Primevil. Then we headed into Philadelphia to go to Tony Luke's, the philly cheese steak place Jen took me to last time. It is also the same place from an episode of Throwdown, where they kicked Bobby Flay's ass with the Steak Italian sandwich. That is of course the sandwich I ate today... nom nom nom. It was pretty awesome! It had this huuuge hot pepper in it and after a few bites of that pepper I couldn't take it anymore... so I pull the pepper off and it was as big as the entire sandwich! After that we just kinda bummed around and went to a Target to pick up things for the road and then to the liquor store to buy some Leinies. You can only buy beer in liquor stores here, and the one we went to was f-ing huge! After this Jen had to drive Rob home (he lives an hour away) so Pascual and I went to his fiance's house so I could meet her. Her younger sister was having a birthday bonfire, so there was pizza and a fire and a bunch of teen girls giggling. Now we are waiting for Jen to get back. She still needs to pack! And we leave tomorrow morning at 8 am!
I'm feeling...: tiredtired