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24 November 2008 @ 12:17 am
Fortune smiles  
So yesterday I was at Best Buy just lookin at shit and I see a sign that says "Doctor Who Series 4, $69.99"... I pick it up just to look at it and notice that the sticker on the dvd says $38.74... *blink blink* WTF? So I ask someone if they can price check it for me and it rings in at $69 but he says they have to honor the sticker price. So naturally I could not pass up this random, fortunate happenstance. Fuck yeah! I love typos! xD But I do still need to get series 3 before I can watch it... Good thing x-mas is coming soon. That is the one super important thing I want this year.

And what is it about this time of year that makes everyone noticeably more stupid?? Simple things like looking where you're walking and "Where are the frozen turkeys?" habio;arujhniapdf;nb Seriously! Keyword frozen - where do you think they are?? How could you miss the 15 feet of just turkeys down 1 of the 2 freezer aisles?!?! It amazes me, really...
I'm feeling...: confusedWTF?