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25 November 2008 @ 03:07 pm
Thank you, Nathan, for the 20 bucks for the blanket... It got me way trashed last night! haha Just what I needed, too.

After collecting my stuff, Jen, Mike and myself decided to go out for some karaoke. Went to Out-a-bounds and ran into Brad, Ben and Kevin and crashed their party. I kicked some karaoke ass and got many compliments on my singing. :-D The owner of the bar himself actually told me I sounded really great. And Jen was all "no I'm sick I can't sing" but I got her up there anyway and she did pretty good. We all had laughs when Mike got up and did the lumberjack song. And he had to wear my glasses when he sang cause he did not have his with him. Mike and I somehow started competing with the drinking of alcohol... Except I was drinking on an empty stomach and he had recently eaten... but I still think we were well-matched throughout the night. When the bar closed, Jen drove my car back to her place and Brad and Ben followed for more drinkin. We played some Wii for awhile until I could no longer concentrate on anything... then I went and passed out in Jen's room. Luckily I am not too hung over, but I don't think I will want to drink like that again anytime soon. Must rest now.

I just want to chill with my cuddly boy all wrapped up in a blanket watching a movie or something. Yes, this sounds divine.
I'm feeling...: lethargiclethargic