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28 November 2008 @ 02:52 am
haha OMG I just had an awesome time over at Alex's! I went to hang out and hear his new song and then we started messing around on his new Groovemaster thingy. Alex was rapping and I was randomly coming up with stuff. It was ridiculous! We're making money off this... It's ridiculous! The women are topless... It's ridiculous! :-P Seriously, we just danced around to the beats and rapped here and there and it rocked. Then Jen and Mike came by and chilled and we drank some beers. I finally started to color that damn felt unicorn picture too. It's looking good so far! :-) Blake woke up and came to join me and Alex and started rapping with us... he is way better than we are! I think the three of us should start a cheesy rap group. Seriously... we came up with this crazy one that is basically about horror movie rules like don't run upstairs and don't have sex... a house is haunted and then you have sex and you die... I came up with the line "We could be living in fear for the next hundred years." Times like this must be recreated, fo sho.
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