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03 December 2008 @ 06:02 pm
No gasoline  
That was tough... seeing everyone's faces. I pretty much tried not to make eye contact with most of the people there... but those damn priests seemed to be looking at me a lot! Maybe my dress was too short (eek it actually was way too short for my own comfort... stupid coat kept hiking it up). Bill looked like he was a mess... Jerry gave the bigger speech about Opa's life and it was a very good one. Actually, it was really funny. We all know my Opa well for having told all his old German war stories, and Jerry mentioned those... All those planes, but no gasoline to fly them with! I had some lawlz, which picked up the mood. Those darn Catholics though... the funerals are just another Sunday mass, communion and everything. After we got back to the house for food, I was making a joke to Bree about the Wafer-O-Christ. I want an icon that has Jesus holding out a wafer and have it say "Eat me!" on the bottom. xD I'm picturing it being very Buddy Christ-like. OMG somebody please make this happen! Good thing Oma didn't hear any of the Catholic jokes made by me or my brother... :-P It was a nice service though... a lot of people were there. And I guess all the flowers for the arrangements were donated by the old flower shop Opa always used to buy from. That was nice of them. I liked the funeral director lady conducted things, especially at the cemetary. She was a very soft-spoken person, which fit the mood. At the end she said we can walk by and lay our hand on the coffin and leave our fingerprints, because they will last forever. Even Damien got to do it... it was cute. Afterwards he was smiling... that kid is just too cute. He was something good to focus on, that's for sure.

I'm doing fine, just a little gloomy... at least that's it right now. Who knows, this could really hit me at any time.

So umm... no more funerals for a while now, k?
I'm feeling...: blankblank