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05 December 2008 @ 10:10 pm
Serious WTF time  
So not only did I just get off work... and go back in at 7 am tomorrow... I get off at 3:30 tomorrow and then have to be back in there again at midnight and work til 5am. WTF Shannon? I will be getting no sleep until the wee hours of Sunday morning, basically. I can only hope to squeeze in a little nap or something before going in at midnight. Must go buy Jolt tomorrow after work... On the plus side, Sunday's shift will include iPod and NO X-MAS MUSIC! Though I think they switch it to the regular music when the store is closed anyway, but whatever. I'm trying so hard this year to block it out and not let it get to me... stupid Fred Meyer, you ruined Christmas music for me forever! *grumble*