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21 December 2008 @ 05:56 pm
caged birds  
Snow makes everyone crazy... I am over-hearing my mom and my step-dad fighting very loudly about Frank possibly taking someone to work (I think they are talking about Stacy). Not knowing the whole story, it sounds like Frank is just lazy, cause he said he doesn't know if he will do it. I'm sure my mom overreacted a bit, but she's just worried about Stacy getting to work ok... and not losing her job.

I am really hating being at home right now. I only leave my room for food and drink... Snow please go away now. Sounds like everyone on DamnPortlanders is getting plastered as they sit stuck in their homes... man I wish I had some alcohol... not that my mom would let me drink it at home... gay. Maybe when they go to bed I will gear up and see if I can bust my sixer of Hornsby's out of my trunk, down 'em, then watch shit on demand.
I'm feeling...: boredbored