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22 December 2008 @ 10:26 pm
Who got out of the house today? Yeah, that's right, I did. Stacy picked up Keith and I cause she has studded tires and we all did some shopping... or rather we tagged along while Keith did some shopping. We were at the dollar store and some random dude quietly says hi to me and asks how I'm doing. I quietly replied that I'm good, wondering if I should know who this dude is... then he says, "I'd like to invite you to church with me." Ummm WTF? xD I just nicely said no thanks and walked away trying not to laugh. At Fred Meyer I scored some Domo and Smurf PJ pants. I couldn't decide which one I wanted more, so I had to get both. And Stacy gave us our Christmas presents that she made for us... some super cute flannel PJ pants. Mine have these little ninja racoons on them and Keith has penguins. So today was my day to get new pajamas, I guess. We also hit up the liquor store on the way to Stacy's. Southern Comfort for our eggnog, and a bottle of red Vampyre Vodka. I'm pretty excited to try the vagka. Aaaannnd I think I am done xmas shopping. Just gotta make stuff for Stacy and Keith now, and wait for my package to show up. I hope I didn't forget anything...

Note to self, go back to Trader Joe's when you can drive again and buy white Lambrusco.
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