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28 February 2009 @ 08:37 pm
I am eating an orange cream poptart... I... don't know what to think of it... but it's not bad.

I have not been on the internet for a few days now, but it feels like forever. Meh... the internet has been pretty boring lately, I gotta say.

I've just been hanging out with Jordan, as per usual. We have been watching a lot of Doctor Who and Torchwood.

Tonight is Kevin's 25th B-day party. Though it isn't technically Kevin's birthday for another 3 years. :-P Much alcohol will be consumed, and hopefully no nasty drama erupts. You never know with this crowd.

Jordan and I have officially decided on a name for the zine: Gunk. It came from me saying "It's gotta be geeky and edgy/punk...." Geek - Punk... Gunk. We've got some story ideas scribbled down somewhere, now all we gotta do is actually start working on it. I'm pretty excited about this. And I think we're gonna register for the Zine Symposium this year too. We can get a whole table and have the zine on one side, and Jordan's comics on the other. It will be the sex.

Anyways, we are off to watch Sex Drive with Jordan's brother and then go to Beaches for happy hour and then to the party. Fun fun fun.
I'm feeling...: groggygroggy