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24 March 2009 @ 02:13 am
Because I'm awesome  
I got this urge while I was at work for cupcakes... but I hate store-bought cupcakes... so I got some of my favorite cake mix and frosting (which coincidentally happens to be Jordan's favorite as well... weird huh?) and picked out some geeky cupcake rings from the bakery and made my own after work. Then I surprised Jordan with them... a few with Pokemon rings, Transformers rings, Bolt rings and even Star Wars. Pictures to come when Jordan isn't waiting on me to finish my internetz so we can watch the rest of Doctor Who...

Alex got me a ticket to Voltaire on the 4th, that'll be cool. One more day of work and then finally a couple days off. Seven days in a row is super lame. Going to a seminar on Wednesday for Rainbow Light vitamins... free stuff yay! :-P And free food, that's always good...

Well, Jordan's singing again to the tune of Doctor Who... guess it's time to finish up. :-P
I'm feeling...: accomplishedaccomplished