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31 March 2009 @ 02:57 pm
I hope I get the one with the the notepad instead of the psychic paper...  
I still haven't found my Sonic Screwdriver... but it's ok cause I just ordered a new one.

I'm just waiting on Jordan to finish getting ready. We're going to my 5-year recognition dinner tonight for Fred Meyer... blah whatever, free dinner. Must bring DS just in case we get bored or something. I think I am gonna dye my hair too... I wanted to go to Ulta, but I don't know if there is time. Maybe... if I skip Cost Less today and do that tomorrow. Or I could go to Ulta tomorrow...

I always wish I had more to say. But alas there is nothing exciting to share. Maybe because I don't go out much anymore... meh. Time to finish getting dressed so we can embark for the day.