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04 May 2009 @ 11:02 pm
Mr. tangerine lalalalalalala  
So my mom got rear-ended yesterday... her brand new car that she has waited years to get... It's looking like it will be close to $4,000 in damage. All this may sucks, but the story is great. Her and Frank were driving to Sears and see this incredibly obese man wearing polka dot boxers (and nothing else) standing outside his house on 112th. Driving home from Sears, they see the same obese man, but this time he is wearing only a speedo. The woman who hit them was apparently distracted the man in the speedo. My mom left this out of the story yesterday for some odd reason. It was pretty funny to be sitting in my room watching tv and overhear my mom on the phone talking about the guy in the speedo. I guess there's a bit of humor in everything... *shrug*
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