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28 May 2009 @ 11:02 pm
The internet makes it hard for me to leave my room sometimes...  
Well, it looks like talking with everyone at work is finally starting to pay off. I am starting to see more equal treatment in the allocation of hours... let's hope it stays this way. And in time I'm sure I won't get anxiety before work. :-/ It's only right before work though and always fades once I'm there and working. It still bites. I would still love a different job right now too...

On a more positive note the beach was awesome! We had beautiful weather Sunday and Monday and had tons of fun. I spent a little too much though... but not so much that I'll be hurting too bad.

Saturday is gonna suck. I work 3-11:30... AM!! I think I'm just gonna stay up all night and sleep after work. When was the last time I fell asleep before 2 am? Seriously... my hours this week are the best I've had for months now though so whatever.

Hungry now... dinner time... then maybe watching more True Blood with Jordan because I appear to have gotten him hooked on that as well. :-P

Side note... I showed up at Jordan's last night and we were almost wearing the exact same t-shirt. They were both ghostbusters shirts but his was black and mine was light blue. My comment, "So uh... you ever think that we're too much alike...?" :-P Or maybe we're just too perfect for each other...?
I'm feeling...: draineddrained