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07 June 2009 @ 11:03 pm
I finally found the secret to making Easy Mac easier to choke down! Lots of salt in the water and a shit ton of minced garlic and a single-size pack of tuna. But really, I put so much freaking garlic in that shit... why is Easy Mac so disgusting? Or maybe it's the fact that my mom only seems to find the "Extreme Cheese" kind. But I ate it anyway because she went to the trouble of buying those tuna pouches for it.

In other news, I'm stuck at home tonight because my radiator hose cracked. Luckily I made it home without any problems! I had noticed a smell about halfway home but didn't think it was my car right away, but when I parked outside my house and still smelled it I went to look and noticed my car smoking. Frank came out to see and pointed out the radiator hose. Apparently it's a quick 10 minute fix and I happen to be off work tomorrow. :-)

So I finally got my camera back from Fry's and now I can't remember where I put the damn battery charger... but in the process of looking for it (and my Ikea credit card... can't find that either...) I have made a huge chunk of the mess in my room disappear. Man... it already looks sooooooo much better than before... Most of the mess has just been clothes and blankets and scarfs and shoes... I just got rid of a whole bag of clothes, but I think I need to try and get rid of more because my closet is only so big... and it's full. So where am I gonna put the stuff that's in my laundry basket? I need to get back into my drawers and clean them out and start using them more.

To do list for tomorrow:

  • Call dentist - make appointment!

  • Get car fixed

  • Go to ATM and get money for mom

  • Spend at least an hour cleaning room

  • Go to Hawthorne? Look for belt?

dirtylittleflydirtylittlefly on June 12th, 2009 06:29 am (UTC)
easy mac with tuna and tons of salt? *gag*