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19 June 2009 @ 03:45 pm
Vacuuming makes all the difference  
So now that my room is this clean... it seems like I have nothing to do anymore. Aaaaand I want to go back to Ikea! I vacuumed last night and now it looks really great. It seriously took me 45 minutes to vacuum though. I had to move things around to get underneath them and the floor was so dirty I just had to keep on vacuuming the same spots over and over. But it looked so good that I got a wow response from my mom.

Downloading a lot of music lately... it's catch up time I guess. Some 3oh!3, new Lily Allen, Lady Gaga for Stacy, some Le Tigre to replenish my missing cd and then some... So far I have only noticed a few cds that were stolen that were not on my laptop already. The one I really need is the Little Pieces cd, but I bought that at their show and they aren't super huge... :-(

Gotta get ready for work now...