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20 July 2009 @ 01:31 am
Chris Ochs: So let's say, in theory, I get a neon jumpsuit, cover myself in glitter, package my genitals in saran wrap and form a glam rock band called Bannanaman, do you or do you not think it would be a good move for me, politically and socially?

Me: well, I would support it, and buy the cd....
Me: socially.... it would be a wise choice if you plan on going to more raves

Chris: Very good.

Me: or if you plan to just shock a few people
Me: I would definitely wear a neon jumpsuit if I had one

Chris: What if the plan is to get a fan base going, lure them in, and them kill them and throw them into the volcano so that the mountain troll will grant my wishes?

Me: make a movie based on bannaman and it could a success like Hedwig

Chris: If I got you a matching neon jumpsuit would you dance on stage and shake your boobs at the crowd?

Me: I say that if they allow themselves to be lured into it its their own damn fault
Me: quite possibly
Me: neon pink
Me: and a shiny purple belt

Chris: I must get my wishes granted by the mountain troll. Unfortunatley, the only wishes I have is to become Bananaman. So, there's irony.

Me: maybe a purple cape

Chris: those are your conditions? If I meet those, you're in?

Me: yes

Chris: Sounds good.
Chris: So, you'll help me hide the bodies?

Me: of course

Chris: I'm on the way over right now. Get shovels. There's tons of them.

Me: what kind of friend wouldn't!?
Me: I might not have a shovel, but I think I have an axe

Chris: Good, we can break em' into smaller pieces with that.
Chris: Alright, I'm coming over, see you soon
I'm feeling...: amusedamused
candice-annette: giddycandiceannette on July 20th, 2009 10:02 pm (UTC)
WOW. ♥