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24 July 2009 @ 04:53 pm
Getting stuff done!  
Productive days off! Yesterday was spent trying to figure out how to finish painting my skateboard... today it looks amazing and we can probably put the trucks and stuff back on later tonight! Alex, you will be so jealous! I think I'm gonna buy those wall hooks at Ikea and store it on my wall in my room, that's how awesome it looks.

Today I have taken out my trash, recycled my bottles (45 of 50 Viso caps for free t-shirt!), put away all my laundry I washed yesterday, put boxes into my attic... I think it's about time to shower and go get Jordan so we can hit up Camas Days and say hi to Stacy and her mom at their booth.

I feel good. And I dyed my hair again the other night... the last color was way too light. I feel so much more comfortable with darker hair!

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