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31 August 2009 @ 05:35 am
late night crazy time!  
Seeing a monster f-ing huge spider in my room ruins the whole concept of sleep for me. This was last night... still paranoid! I'm even checking under the bed with a flashlight and have my comforter tucked into the sides of my bed. I'm pathetic. It gets better though! I'm not even 100 percent sure it was real! Yeah I was wide awake, etc. but when I thought I had it squashed there was no evidence it was ever there. Maybe tonight I can sleep a little better. Maybe tonight I won't wake up a dozen times feeling like something is crawling on me! Maybe I will be paranoid all week!

Late night tv sucks. I just can't sit through infomercials like I used to! I miss the turbo cooker... Also, True Blood OMFG serious win! Can't believe there is only one more episode in the season! Evan Rachael Wood makes a great vampire Queen. She appears to have put on a little weight, but HOT DAMN that is some gooooood weight!

Ok I need to attempt to sleep now... just gotta check under the covers to make sure there are no silver-dollar-sized spiders in my bed!
I'm feeling...: restlessrestless