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10 September 2009 @ 01:16 am
I love haircuts... back to semi-regular bangs for a while I think! Plus I am enjoying the extra daytime hanging out with Stacy that we've been doing lately. It was also good to talk to Terri about the world of hair design. Now to choose the right school and get started! I like that as soon as someone hears what I plan to become they automatically think, "Oh yeah, I can really see you doing that!" :-) All I really need is to maintain good motivation!

Going to the beach tomorrow/today with Jen, Pascual & Sara and maybe Tyler. Need to get up around 8:30 so I can be at Jen's at 9:30 and we can leave at 10. I should go to bed... :-/ Buuut I should pack myself a day bag and get a snack first.

Saw 9 tonight. Very impressed!