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07 October 2009 @ 02:38 am
She shoots, she scores  
Oh October, how I love thee... Your days are still warm and sunny but your nights are blankets and cuddly.

I've been over to Hawthorne a couple times in the last few days and scored major both times. First time I got an awesome snowboarding coat for $18 and a pair of Tripp pink plaid capris for $10 at Buffalo Exchange. I also got a great deal on a zebra print mini skirt at Naked City (30 marked down from 50) and managed to replace my fuzzy pink cat hat with a new, slightly better one from the Metro. The old one was getting so dingy and dirty and the new one is actually cut different so it fits better and the ears are bigger and more noticeable. :-P

Today I scored bigtime on dollar cds. Stereogram is some cool shit. Also found a Goops cd and a Treble Charger cd I didn't have. Note to self, make Keith burn me new copy of Treble Charger cd that was stolen from my car last winter. I think I should spend a chunk of time tomorrow listening to all the cds I bought on a whim cause they looked interesting. Maybe I will find something as awesome as the Groovie Ghoulies (also a dollar find).

Tomorrow I really need to take care of things... like my room, which got all messed up in the great tornado of Heather searching for a missing hair clip last week. Laundry is up high on the list too. Hmm I could go in to Freddies tomorrow and get free lunch...

I have decided that with this year's tax return I am going to buy a pink DSi. That and either set aside a good chunk of money towards a new laptop or just buy a new laptop right away. I need one pretty bad... this one sucks balls these days. I have had it so long now and it has been used so much... I have even worn through the finish and created a dent on the mouse clicker! I'm thinking something super cheap but still good quality. Something I could get 2 to 3 years out of, if not longer. Any recommendations? No Vista, I don't want it to have even touched the laptop...
lexisan on October 15th, 2009 08:51 am (UTC)
If you get a DS lite, its cheaper, and you can get a mod chip for it for like 50 bucks, which means free DS games forever. Just a thought. The camera feature is kinda cool, but pirating games is more my style.