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02 November 2009 @ 03:33 am
Halloween picture time!  


Chillin' in the graveyard at Keith's place!

Random awesome party photo from Luke's party.

So Halloween was fucking epic this year. It certainly made up for last year's uneventfulness. Friday I went to Luke's party and got somewhat trashed. Chase said I passed out leaning on him for about 20-40 minutes. I almost vomited, but thankfully Chase stood outside with me away from the crowd until I felt better. Stupid jello shots... I think my stomach digested the jello all at once sending a nice rush of alcohol into my system. There was also a trampoline involved. I am so surprised I did not throw up! :-D It was a good thing Jared rode with me because when the party ended I definitely couldn't drive and he was sober at that point. Saturday, Halloween, I attended 3 parties and then ended up at Ground Kontrol with Alex and Derick. We were on our way to party number 4, Megan's party, when she called saying that everyone had gone home and unless we were close by we shouldn't come anymore. :-( Oh well. Must do something fun with Megan sometime though! Ground Kontrol was awesome though. Derick and I played Area 51 for what seemed like forever. Man my arm was hurting from that... we also tag teamed Discs of Tron, Ninja Turtles and Ghosts n Goblins. While we were finding parking, we saw another Beetlejuice and Lydia! Our costumes were much better quality though, IMO. The night ended at Alex's with us watching Evil Dead and enjoying some tree rape and dismemberment. lawlz.
Lizmissalphabet on November 2nd, 2009 06:35 pm (UTC)
Haha, love the costumes!