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06 November 2009 @ 08:44 am
This chair is weird...  
So I'm sitting here at Alex's Uncle's computer, waiting for everyone to get up and get themselves together. We gotta pack our stuff back up, get breakfast, load up the car then hit the road to Rockford to see Stevie. Alex and Stevie have plans to trip, and I was supposed to be in on this plan, but I have decided not to. I think I still would if it didn't last 8 hours plus... meh.

Yesterday we drove all over Chicago in the convertible with the top down. The weather was really great - no clouds, bright and sunny... Perfect for seeing the Bean! After that we had to go to a cell phone shop so Alex could try and fix his uncle's phone. :-P Riding the L came next, then we walked the Magnificent Mile and took a bunch of night pictures. Saw the water tower, which was the only thing left of Chicago when it burned because it wasn't made of wood... then deep dish pizza! Oh man it was so delicious! Mmmmm I wish I could have some more of it for breakfast... anyway, Alex tells me that everyone is up...? Time to blow this popsicle stand, or at least turn the heat on so it can start melting.

I'm hiding...: Chicago!
I'm feeling...: tiredtired