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09 November 2009 @ 12:09 pm
Damn it feels good to be home. Rolled in just after 2 am last night. I thought I was so tired and I would just go right to sleep... no way. I think all my caffeine kicked in because I was up til 4 am, then I couldn't sleep for a long time. It was that darn Viso we ran to get in Kennewick! We were so excited... we were looking for a Freddies or a 7-11 and gave up, then pulled into a gas station to switch drivers and Alex went to ask and came back out running and yelling, "Get back in the car, now!" haha it was 15 minutes until the Fred Meyer closed and we had to make it. We got a really funny picture of us all excited.

Interesting things about the drive: We went to the Mall of America and then a quick drive to Eden Prairie Center (as in the mall from Mallrats!!!). They have completely redone that mall since 95 when the movie came out... I really couldn't recognize anything... but I did walk in and shout, " I love the smell of commerce in the morning!" I'm also fairly certain we found the location of the 3D sailboat image and quite possibly the bench that Trish the Dish was sitting on. Sadly there were no chocolate covered pretzels for me to buy. :-( But oh man, I can't believe I was actually there! Another mission on the awesome list accomplished! (note to self, create awesome list) After this, the big leg of our journey commenced.

So we were in the car for a day and a half straight... Fargo looks like a pretty cool town, especially since they had this place called Space Aliens Grill & Bar that was super rad. We had to stop and take pics and then we decided to sit and get drinks and fries. I mainly wanted to because they had the Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss on tap, which came in a huge mug and was only $3.49. In Montana, I got pulled over... and got a ticket for going 10 over. The best part was how much the ticket was for... $20!! Seriously, only 20 bucks! I had to pay it right away though in either cash or check, but damn... I didn't mind. It makes for a funny story. Montana... ugh. We were driving through Montana ALL DAY LONG, and then, as we are approaching the end of the state, it starts to snow. It didn't want us to leave! It wasn't the worst snow I have driven in, but it was still a pain in the ass. Once we entered into Idaho it disappeared pretty quick.

So what's on the agenda the rest of the week? Don't have to work 'til Friday at 4 pm! Tuesday or Wednesday I'm gonna hang with Chase... Wednesday night is the They Might Be Giants concert... and I told Jake I would come visit him in Eugene, but I'm not sure what day to do that. Maybe Thursday then drive home Friday morning...?

I guess it's time to start going through my pictures...