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15 November 2009 @ 01:56 pm
weird fun  
Last night was fun and weird... Fun was hanging out with Derick and beating him at pool. Fun was following a bunch of people to an after hours party with a bonfire in the back yard. Weird was how much Mike was coming on to me and trying to make out with me. He was of the drunken variety that they were trying to get to leave. It was good times though, and a really drama free crowd! At least last night, I don't know these people well enough to make further speculation. I had a mini nerd-off challenge with some girl... I won based on the Ninja Turtles Jacket, Sailor Moon bag, Star Wars t-shirt, Transformer's belt buckle, Domo pouch and of course my trusty Sonic Screwdriver.

Blah, don't want to work today. I'm scheduled at 4, but yesterday Michelle said I should call because she might want me to come in early. I set my alarm for noon figuring I would call then because the earliest I would come in would be 1 and work 8 hours, but I just shut the alarm off and dozed for another hour. Now it's almost 2... maybe I should call soon. *shrug* Will I have time to eat something if I call now?

Apparently I have a headlight out... need to fix this! Maybe Tuesday after work? Wednesday daytime? Alex, there's a Viso in it for you if you wanna pop in a new bulb for me real quick! Otherwise I'm sure I can get Frank to do it. Well, I guess I should get up and get dressed and call work now...
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