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19 November 2009 @ 04:10 pm
Life updates...  
Work it work... it's the holidays... it's lame. But my boss loves me, so that's good! :-P The tables have officially turned on Raina, which is another plus. Hard work speaks for itself, and that's something she hasn't quite figured out yet.

Yesterday I found a new coffee shop (new to me) to go to in downtown Vancouver that has a nice laid-back atmosphere and yummy crepes. It was also fun hanging out with Adam. Aaaaand I bought a big flowery mumu for a dollar. haha I just had to cause it was only a dollar. It kinda looks like a nightgown from hell on me though. :-P I think I want to turn it into something, maybe give it a neckline and change the sleeves and shorten it a bit? I will need help though.

Last night was pretty great too... had another date with Chase. Something about him... he just sort of wows me. I like him a lot, but I do still intend on not getting into a relationship for a while. I am enjoying getting to know Chase and so far things are going quite well.

Now tonight, well, New Moon is coming out. I managed to con Jordan into going with me. Things there seem to be going well. We're maintaining a pretty good friendship and I'm glad for that. I don't want those awkward run-ins at any point... though this may all change once I eventually do start exclusively dating someone else, but I will hope that by the time that happens, Jordan has gotten past things. :-/ hmm...

Anyways, gotta go off and buy my movie tickets before it gets much later... and have Alex put in my headlight bulb.
I'm feeling...: giddygiddy