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27 November 2009 @ 12:57 am
Thanksgiving is boring...  
Yup, it sure is... I've been really tired all day, but wouldn't you know, as soon as I get upstairs and in my chill zone, I'm wide awake. Gotta work at 7 am! Oh well, Black Friday is actually really boring for me at work. No one wants food or vitamins after their Thanksgiving food comas!

Tomorrow night Mike is having a party... methinks it shall be good times! Now I'm really glad I bought two new Nerf Mavericks.

In other news, Bree had her ultrasound and they found that it's going to be a boy. I'm going to have another nephew! The name so far is Corey Danger Jones. The Danger is just a place holder though. :-( I am hoping that they decide to stick with Danger. How awesome would that be? :-P Bree was showing us the ultrasound pics today too. He looks so much like Damien in one of them!

Well anyway... I have a Chase telling me I need to get offline and get into bed so I can try and sleep.