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16 December 2009 @ 04:17 pm
sporadic, irratic sleep conditions  
I could barely sleep last night. I felt pretty good when I came home, but for some crazy reason, the dark spaces of my mind started to take over. My mood quickly changed to gloomy and lonely. WTF? A manic night, I guess. Very odd.

The other reason for my lack of sleep was an odd paranoia that something was crawling on me. This started when I dozed off and woke to find my cat looking like he had his eye on something that was on the bed. My sleeping mind interpreted this as a spider and I got freaked out. This resulted in very sporadic sleep and at least once I woke up and thought I saw a spider retreating up my window into my curtains. Of course I had to get up and turn the lights on and move the curtains a bit. I found nothing, but I am never truly convinced that nothing is there. I hate this stupid and most of the time irrational fear of spiders.

It also didn't help that I got a phone call from Romando at work asking if I could come in my day off because Michelle called in sick... yeah no, not happening! I already agreed to come in tomorrow morning and give up one of my two days off to work some overtime. There is no way I am working all 7 days this week. Six is plenty! Then later in the day, Sean had Raina call me again and ask me if I could come in. Goddamn...

Blah. I need to get dressed and get out of here. I would like to finish my Christmas shopping very soon... Yesterday I found something cool for Derick. I just need to find something for Damien, a little something for Jen and maybe something small and random for a certain male. I have a good idea for Alex... so get to it, Heather!
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