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08 January 2010 @ 04:56 am
Spending time on the borderline  
Ok, who am I kidding here? I don't want anybody else. I am not interested in anyone else... This part... this is the hard part. Nervious, anxious, impatient... lustful... it's starting to get to me. How much more until I lose my sanity? My mind is on overdrive.

Hours later and this is all I can seem to put into words. Why is this so much easier when I'm just talking out loud to myself? As soon as I try to articulate some sort of written word it all disolves. Maybe the real trick to this would be to turn everything else around me off and just type anything and everything that pops into this weary little head of mine...

I need to stop staying up so damned late all the time! Come March I will need to be in class in downtown Portland by 9 am 5 days a week... staying up this late just won't work for that. I think I should make an effort throughout February to wake up early every day. Or at least Tuesday through Saturday. Yes, this will be the plan! And now I should go to bed because I don't want to sleep all day. Gotta do more laundry tomorrow! Maybe clean up a bit in my room...
I'm feeling...: pensivepensive